Little Mouse Photo Frame Craft Kit

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Enjoy painting your own photo frame and add some glazing to make your artwork really eye catching. When painted you can also assemble your photo frame with the assistance of a detailed tutorial that Dee posted on YouTube for you to follow.

What's Inside:

  1. Wood Pieces: Crafted from sturdy 3mm plywood. Your frame pieces will all arrive flat packed ready for you to assemble after you painted your beautiful floral design.

  2. Watercolour Paints: Dive into a palette of carefully selected watercolour paints, perfect for bringing the meadow florals to life. Included are 6 sample sizes of Dee's handmade paints, curated specifically for this enchanting kit.

  3. Mini Paint Pallets: Accompanying the kit are mini pallets crafted from the same plywood, ready to hold your chosen colours as you paint. Feel free to experiment and mix, and keep them as refills for future creations. 

  4. Clear Stuff (UV/LED Glaze): Elevate your project with a glossy finish using Dee's Clear Stuff. Curing in just 60 seconds under a standard UV/LED light, this glaze adds dimension and protects your creation with a sparkling touch.

  5. Wood Glue: Dee is including some premium wood glue for you to use when you assemble your piece of art.

  6. Keyring/Bag Charm: As an additional gift Dee is including a themed keyring/bag charm with a gold clasp.

Light Up Your Creation:

For quick and efficient glaze curing, Dee recommends using a UV/LED light. You can find the one she personally uses on Amazon LED/UV Lamp

What Crafters Are Saying:

"Absolutely love Dees favourite sparkly handmade watercolours...and I have tried quite a few. Fab quality products and superb customer service." - Jan

"An amazing lady whose imagination is boundless. Dee goes the extra mile with every order she sends out. When your parcel arrives it’s like a gift, it smells divine as Dee always adds a little bit of magic! I’ve been a loyal customer of this wonderful company for about 18 months now and I’m so glad I found her. Painting the wooden items takes me away from everyday life and relaxes me. It takes me to my own little world. Dee is on hobbymaker channel monthly and shows how to use her items. Great business and totally lovely lady." - Tracey

Please note, to complete these crafts, a LED/UV lamp will be required to cure the UV glaze. Dee recommends this model: LED/UV Lamp

Dee's packages are hand-packed with care, featuring a personal handwritten thank you note, a brand booklet with basic product information, and a scented heart for an unforgettable unboxing experience.

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    Single boxes will NOT include the FREE Gift as these are exclusive to my subscribers.

    You can skip a box at any time prior to your next payment or cancel the subscription at any time before your next payment is taken.

    Please just note that the shipping cost will repeat each month.

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    International Customers:

    Unfortunately due to the parcel size and cost to you for shipping I am not able to provide this kit to all my customers over the oceans. I apologise for for this. 

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