How it all started

How it all started…

During Covid in 2020 I decided to make my daughter a keyring for her new accommodation for 2021.

My Polish bestie (Sendi) practically begged me every day to post a video on TikTok of a keyring.

I eventually gave in and made some TikTok videos and on 16 Oct 2020 I posted a video on TikTok and it went VIRAL!

There were no real plans at that stage for a business (it was just a pipe dream) and I had to very quickly set up an Etsy shop for my keyrings.

On 18 Oct 2020 I launched my Etsy shop and never looked back. Those first few months was absolutely manic! Sendi came over after work each day to help me pack orders.

I am so grateful to Sendi and each one of my followers who purchased a keyring from me.

My pipe dream of one day crafting for a living came true!

Now I am embarking on a new chapter ... supplying you guys with everything you need for acrylic crafts and to make things sparkle ❤️

Eternally grateful!


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