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Dee's Clear Stuff UV Glaze - Elevate Your Art to Dazzling Heights!

Introducing Dee's Clear Stuff, the ultimate UV glaze that unlocks a world of creative possibilities for your artistic masterpieces. Whether you're working with wood, card, or Dee's own handmade watercolour paints, this remarkable UV glaze will redefine the way you enhance and protect your art.

A Breath of Fresh Air for Crafters:

Say goodbye to harsh odours and uncomfortable protective gear! Dee's Clear Stuff boasts an almost odourless formula, providing you with a delightful crafting experience. Craft with ease as this glaze can be used glove-free (unless you are allergic to nail gels), making it a dream for artists of all skill levels. Bid farewell to masks and embrace a truly enjoyable creative journey.

Rapid Curing Magic:

Time is of the essence, and Dee's Clear Stuff knows it well. With just 60 seconds of exposure to the right UV light, your designs will be transformed into glossy wonders. Use it as a glaze to amplify the shimmer of Dee's watercolour paints or apply multiple layers to build dimension and create captivating visual effects.

Unleash Your Imagination:

Dee's Clear Stuff is more than just a glaze; it's a versatile UV adhesive too! Before curing, allow it to self-level for about a minute, allowing you to achieve a flawless finish. Dare to explore and experiment – add a touch of glitter onto Clear Stuff and watch your designs come to life as if sprinkled with stardust. Create in sections to bring even more depth and definition to your artistry.

Elevate, Enhance, and Protect:

Dee's Clear Stuff is a true artistic ally, elevating your designs to new heights and providing a protective layer that ensures your creations stand the test of time. Embrace the gloss that enhances your artwork and revel in the assurance that your craft is safe under this exceptional UV glaze.

Transform your crafting experience with Dee's Clear Stuff UV Glaze and experience the magic of preservation and enhancement in one elegant bottle.


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