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Embrace the Season's Beauty with Our Shimmering Floral Gardening Boots A6 Notebook

Discover the joy of putting pen to paper on the silky-smooth canvas of Dee's handcrafted A6 notebook. Created with a passion for quality and a love for artistry, this unique notebook is a testament to your desire for nothing less than perfection.

Superior Quality Paper for Your Artistic Adventures

Say goodbye to the struggle of finding notebooks with top-notch paper. Dee understands that true creativity thrives on premium-quality materials. Dee's A6 notebook features 120gsm paper, carefully chosen to provide a luxurious writing experience. Whether you're jotting down ideas, sketching intricate designs, or expressing your thoughts, our paper accommodates all writing instruments and art mediums. Let your creativity flow effortlessly as your strokes glide smoothly on these inviting pages.

Handmade Shimmer Watercolour Paints - A Stroke of Brilliance

Ignite your artistic flair with Dee's exclusive shimmer watercolour paints, meticulously handcrafted by our skilled artisans. Each paint carries an extra dose of sparkle, setting them apart from the competition. Adding a touch of enchantment to your notebook design, these unique watercolours transform your artwork into a mesmerising visual experience. Unleash your creativity as you embellish the floral gardening boots design, bringing summer's vibrancy to life with every stroke of your brush.

Grab your water colour paint here:

Shimmer Water Colour Paint

Eco-Friendly Wooden Covers

In a world that deserves our care, our A6 notebook takes a sustainable step forward. The front and back covers are delicately crafted from 3mm plywood - an exceptionally light and eco-friendly material. Choosing our notebook means embracing a biodegradable option that reduces your environmental footprint. As you hold this notebook in your hands, feel the connection to nature and the planet we cherish.

A Seasonal Tribute to Summer's Delights

Capture the essence of summer and gardening with our thoughtfully designed seasonal cover. As the gardening boots bloom with flowers, you'll be reminded of the beauty that surrounds us during this time of the year. Let this notebook accompany you during your gardening adventures, creative expressions, or everyday musings. Embrace the charm of the season with each turn of the page.

A Personal Touch of Art

Though this design does not offer personalisation, it stands as an exquisite piece of art in itself. The intricate floral pattern and shimmering watercolours add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Gift it to a loved one or keep it as a treasured possession - it's a piece that radiates beauty and inspiration.

Join the league of artistic souls who cherish quality, sustainability, and creativity. Experience the magic of Dee's A6 notebook with wooden covers and the shimmering floral gardening boots design. It's more than just a notebook; it's a canvas for your dreams, a companion for your passions, and a celebration of nature's allure.

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    Not Included in the Kit

    • LED/UV light - If you would like to glaze your design with Dee's unique UV glaze you will require a LED/UV light. You can grab one off Amazon - 48W or higher will work
      • If you would like to use the same light as what I am using you can grab it off Amazon by clicking HERE
    • Shimmer Water Colour Paint. You can use Dee's Shimmer Water Colour paint to add extra sparkle to your design.
      • You can grab your paint HERE
    • UV Glaze - Use Dee's unique UV Glaze called "Clear Stuff" to add additional texture to you design and some additional protection for your beautiful design.

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