Bunny in the Meadow Notepad Holder Craft Kit

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Unlock the magic of crafting with Dee's December Craft Kit featuring a Bunny in the Meadow Notepad Holder. Dive into a whimsical world as you paint an adorable bunny amidst vibrant florals. This DIY kit includes premium wood pieces, handpicked watercolour paints, and a UV/LED glaze for a glossy finish. Elevate your crafting experience and bring a touch of enchantment to your January 2024 organisation.

What's Inside:

  1. Wood Pieces: Crafted from sturdy 3mm plywood, these pieces form the foundation of your notepad holder. The top sheet features a charming design—a whimsical deer amidst a meadow of flowers, patiently awaiting your artistic touch.

  2. Watercolour Paints: Dive into a palette of carefully selected watercolour paints, perfect for bringing the meadow florals and deer to life. Included are 6 sample sizes of Dee's handmade paints, curated specifically for this enchanting kit.

  3. Mini Paint Pallets: Accompanying the kit are mini pallets crafted from the same plywood, ready to hold your chosen colours as you paint. Feel free to experiment and mix, and keep them as refills for future creations.

  4. Detail Paint Brush: Unleash your artistic finesse with a 0-size detail paint brush, ideal for capturing intricate details on your notepad holder masterpiece.

  5. Wood Glue and Rose Gold Bulldog Clips: The fast-drying wood glue ensures a secure bond for your pieces. Use the rose gold bulldog clips to hold everything in place during the drying process, adding a touch of elegance to your crafting experience.

  6. Clear Stuff (UV/LED Glaze): Elevate your project with a glossy finish using Dee's Clear Stuff. Curing in just 60 seconds under a standard UV/LED light, this glaze adds dimension and protects your creation with a sparkling touch.

  7. Pen and Sticky Note Pad: As a thoughtful gift, discover a randomly selected pen and sticky note pad in pastel hues, perfect for jotting down notes and keeping your desk or kitchen organized.

Crafting at Your Pace:

No specific sequence is required. Follow the step-by-step guide in the included booklet, filled with assembly instructions, painting tips, and glazing tricks. Let your imagination guide you!

Light Up Your Creation:

For quick and efficient glaze curing, Dee recommends using a UV/LED light. You can find the one she personally uses on Amazon LED/UV Lamp

What Crafters Are Saying:

"Dee's craft kits never cease to amaze me. The attention to detail and thoughtful extras make each project a joy to create." - CraftyReviewer

"The notepad holder is not only functional but a work of art. I've received so many compliments, and it adds a personal touch to my desk." - HappyCrafter

Embrace the joy of crafting with Dee's December Craft Kit. Order yours today and embark on a whimsical journey into the new year!

Please note, to complete these crafts, a LED/UV lamp will be required to cure the UV glaze. Dee recommends this model: LED/UV Lamp

Dee's packages are hand-packed with care, featuring a personal handwritten thank you note, a brand booklet with basic product information, and a scented heart for an unforgettable unboxing experience.

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