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Introducing Dee's exclusive Aqua Colours Handmade Shimmer Watercolour Paint Pallet - a true delight for artists and creators seeking that extra touch of brilliance in their artwork. Designed and lovingly crafted by Dee who has become a skilled artisan, these shimmering watercolours add a touch of magic to every stroke, making your creations come to life with mesmerising sparkle.

Each palette features a carefully curated selection of enchanting shades - Chinoise, Fern, Belize, Alice, Arctic, and Capri - that captivate the imagination. What sets Dee's handmade shimmer watercolours apart is the extra care she puts into making them truly special. Every pigment is infused with additional sparkle, elevating your artwork to a whole new level of radiance.

Embracing eco-conscious practices, Dee's shimmer watercolours are nestled on unique wooden paint pallets, thoughtfully designed and created by Dee. Dee believe in sustainability and environmental responsibility, which is why her wooden pallets are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Unleash your creativity as you use these shimmering delights on various surfaces. Whether you're working on wood designs, cards, or watercolour paper, Dee's paints promise a beautiful shimmer that will mesmerise and delight.

Here's a helpful tip: To achieve the best results, simply add water to rehydrate the paints, and allow approximately 60 seconds for the water to absorb fully. The ease of use and versatility of our shimmer watercolours make them a must-have in any artist's collection.

For those seeking that extra touch of brilliance, Dee also offer a UV glaze, specially designed to add definition, texture, and a protective layer to your designs. Take your creations to the next level with this stunning addition.

Discover the magic of Aqua Colours Handmade Shimmer Watercolour Paint Pallet and let your imagination shine with every brushstroke. Elevate your art to shimmering heights and create masterpieces that leave a lasting impression.


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