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Experience the wonders of our Pine UV Gel Paint - a captivating addition to your nail art collection! Crafted and packed right here in the UK, this high-quality gel paint brings the essence of nature to your fingertips.

Each container of UV Gel paint is mixed and packed right here in the UK and shipped from my studio in Milton Keynes.

For best results paint on thin layers and cure. It is better to do more than one layer than ending up with a reject. Cure at least 60 seconds per layer. Seal off with my Clear Stuff to protect and to create a smooth surface.

For best results when sealing add the Clear Stuff and let stand for 60 seconds to give the clear stuff some time to level out. Cure then for 20 seconds.

The Gel paint is UV/LED curable. I would recommend a nail UV LED light 48w or higher. The small portable lights are only 9w and will not be strong enough to cure the Gel paint. If you would like to use the same light as what I am using you can grab it off Amazon by clicking HERE

Available Sizes:

  • 3g Sample bottle with Nozzle
  • 10g Bottle with Nozzle
  • 30g Bottle with Nozzle (UK Only)

NON UK CUSTOMERS - The Gel in pots will not be available for international shipping as these increase the shipping cost to a crazy amount. I sourced the refill pouches to make it possible to ship to you. The 20g Jars are also flat enough to fit into my international parcels.


After packing your parcel your order will be sent via Royal Mail 1st class. Please allow me 1-2 days to get your parcel made up and ready to pop in with Postman Pat - I will aim for 1-2 days but due to order volumes it might take me a little longer.

Should there be any other delays you can expect a message from after you place your order – this doesn’t happen often.


International parcels take 5-7 working days from within Europe and for those countries further like USA 7-15 working days.

**Please note that there may be further delays due to the current pandemic that we find ourselves in.


I will mostly respond to messages early morning or in the evening. I will however check them intermittently during the day in case there are any urgent messages or changes to design.

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Much Love

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