Bee Hive Serviette Holder Craft Kit

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Unleash your creativity with our Buzzing Bee Hive Serviette Holder Craft Kit. Each kit includes both sides of the holder adorned with charming designs on each side.

Included in your craft kit:

  • Your wood pieces
  • Shimmer Water Colour paints - Metallic Set
  • 3 Extra dot colours
    • Black
    • White
    • Fern
  • Wood Glue
  • 10g Clear Stuff
  • FREE Gift -Ā Each subscription box will come with a cute bee brooch kit. (not included in single box purchases)

Save and Subscribe!

My Subscriptions explained:

When you sign up for a subscription you will receive the craft kit that you selected and each month you will receive a new craft kit.

I create a new kit with new designs every month. You will be the first to receive the new craft kit AND save yourself some monies too!

I release the new kits on the 5th of the month each month. If there are option to the kit selections you will receive a separate email from me personally to make your selection via an options form on Google Forms.

If no selection is made by the day that your box is sent out I will send out a random selection for you šŸ„°

Free Gifts:

Where possible I like to add a little free gift in with your subscription box, These will always be exclusive to subscriptions.

Sometimes I get a little carried away with the box and it won't be cost effective for me to add a gift but you can bet your bottom dollar (or pound lol) that you will receive more than your money's worth in your box.


You will make your first payment when you place your order and sign up for my craft subscription. Your next payment will be on the same date as the month you signed up with.Ā 

Example:Ā If you signed up for you subscription box on 5th of November your next payment will be on the 5th of December at 8am. If you would like to change the date of your payment you can just drop me an email and I will update this for you.

Your new box will be popped in the post after your payment is received.

If there was a problem with the payment my website will automatically try again in 2 days. It will make 2 attempts. If no payment was collected your subscription will automatically be cancelled.

If you change your card or want to make a change to the card that was used to sign up you can do it via my website or you can contact me via email and I will send you a link to follow to make the payment changes.

Skipping a Box

If you feel that the new box is not to your liking you will have the option to skip the box without any payment being taken from you. You can skip a box via my website OR you can pop me an email at least 24hrs prior to the payment being taken and I can skip it for you


You will also be able to cancel your subscription at any time before your next payment is taken - I'm definitely not locking you in for something that you don't feel benefits you ... but I will be sad to see you go ā¤ļø

You can cancel your subscription via my website OR you can drop me an email at least 24hrs prior to the payment id due and I will cancel your subscription for you.

Ā Not Included in the Kit

  • LED/UV light - You can grab one off Amazon - 48W or higher will work
    • If you would like to use the same light as what I am usingĀ you can grab it off Amazon by clickingĀ HERE

UK & InternationalĀ Customers:

I am so excited to announce that my International customers can now also sign up for the subscriptions.

By signing up for a subscription you will receive a Craft KitĀ each month with a unique and different craft.

Single boxes will NOT include the FREE Gift as these are exclusive to my subscribers.

You can skip a box at any time prior to your next payment or cancel the subscription at any time before your next payment is taken.

Please just note that the shipping cost will repeat each month.

For more details on how my subscription boxes work clickĀ HERE

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